Security Doors

These days we all want to feel more safe and secure in our homes, we can certainly achieve this with the extensive range of security doors offered at Echuca Glass & Aluminium, available in various colours. Starting with the standard security grille door to a decorative door through to our most popular Abra safety door. For those who don’t want to obscure their view or entrance door, this door is a great option. All doors have the option to upgrade to a triple locking system for the more security concious, galvanized steel or stainless steel mesh made to strict standards.

We offer the highest quality mesh in our doors, ranging from flywire, midgee mesh, pet resistant mesh, galvanised and stainless steel mesh to perforated heavy duty mesh.


The benefits of having a security door certainly out way not having one. These include:

  • Deterring intruders
    Criminals generally target homes that are easily accessible. Who wants to be an easy target for a robbery.
  • Additional security
    Why not implement another layer of security over your home? Insurance companies in particular love to hear you have boosted your home’s security with a strong, durable security door as well as quality locks.
  • Weather resistant
    Our security doors are manufactured using quality materials to a high standard to withstand various weather conditions.